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In its long endeavours in the field of spice production, kerala spice cart striven towards meeting international market standards. Renowned as one of the main spices manufacturers in South India, kerala spice cart is credited with introducing a wide range of varieties into the market. By placing emphasis on the importance of understanding the true requirements of consumers, we have rightly earned the reputation as people’s first choice. Situated in spice-laden south region of Indian Peninsula, we have contributed considerably to improving the quality of spices products around the globe.

We provides fresh and quality spices collected locally, organic and naturally farmed, aiming for a healthy society around us! Provides major types of spices which are using to cook, masala blends, kerala snacks, cosmetics, etc. Choose from a wide range of options. You will find everything you are looking for as the taste maker, exclusively handpicked to help you find the best quality spices at the lowest prices. It’s from land of spices. Our main products are grown or produced in the Cardamom Hills of Kerala.

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